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Brake pad replacement method

2017-06-19 10:19:35 admin Viewd 563

First of all, to check whether the replacement brake pads are pure parts, the integrity of product packaging, security signs and packaging logo and brake signs on the same whether the product model and the content of the certificate.

Before lifting the vehicle, you should open the cover that contains the brake oil, and the tire screws should be loosened diagonally. If a simple jack is supported, the jack shall be secured and the wheels without replacing the brake pads should be secured.

Remove the tyre, loosen the fastening screws of the clamp, and check the screws, tongs, sliding guides, remove the sediment and grease, and lubricate the oil.

Remove the old brake pads and check the degree of wear of the brake disc to see if the groove is broken. Severe wear, should replace the new brake disc, its cycle is 8 - 120 thousand km, otherwise it will speed up the replacement of new brake pads wear, and brake direction jitter, braking power is too small.

It is worth noting that the new brake pads should be separated from the inside and outside, and the friction surfaces of the brake pads should be directed to the brake disc to fit the disc properly.

Safety fittings, fastening clamps. Before fastening the clamp body, apply the tool to push the plug on the pliers back so that the pliers are fitted in place. If you need to replace the brake pads on the drum brakes, advise professional maintenance plants for professional operations so as to avoid mistakes.

After installing the brake, the tire should be reset. When installing the tire screws, they should be tightened diagonally so as to protect the tires and brake wheels. At the same time, also check the tread and edge wear is normal, the best left and right wheels can be replaced regularly, so that will help to extend the service life of tires.

Finally, check the brake fluid. Brake fluid should be regularly replaced, added, and should ensure that the liquid used by the brake fluid and the original brand of the brake fluid is consistent, so that it will help to remove the brake pipe in the dirt, dirt, brake more sensitive. If different grades of brake fluid are used in combination, chemical changes will occur, resulting in sludge and inorganic salts deposited in the braking system.

Before driving away, apply the pneumatic brake on the brake until the brake is felt to return to the desired position.